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Patent & Litigation Attorney in Lexington, Kentucky

Whether you need to protect your brand or grow it, it’s important for any company to invest in a business law attorney. Business owners are a key building block of our communities and economies. It is my mission to aid you in managing risk so that you can focus on what matters most to you. In order to protect your assets, I will be there beside you for all your litigation and intellectual property needs. Better yet, I’ll walk you through legal processes and advocate for you. I proudly serve the clients in Lexington, Kentucky, and beyond.

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Jim Francis

Jim Francis

Attorney at Law

As a native Kentuckian, I come from a family that has a long history in the state’s legal profession. After working with The Valvoline Company for 17 years, I branched out and started my own private practice in 2003. I opened my current firm in 2016 with the goal of working with every type of business from sole proprietors to startups to Fortune 10 companies. Rather than going straight from law school into practice, I chose to get real-world experience in the business community. Working hands-on in business and industry has given me a unique perspective at what companies need. From my office in Lexington, Kentucky, I work with clients across the United States. Whether you live in Louisville or somewhere out of state, I'm prepared to represent you. Discover how I can assist you in Cincinnati, Ohio; Huntington, West Virginia; or Nashville, Tennessee.


Maximizing the Potential of Your Business

A Step Toward Bigger, Better Things

My job is to protect your business and your future. If a company doesn't dot all its I's and cross all of its T's in the initial development stages, there could be expensive legal issues down the road. To make sure your business and its assets are protected, it's important to consult with a business attorney who can help walk you through all the legal issues that can affect your business. The bottom line is that a business attorney can help your company save money and prevent legal headaches in the future.

Protecting Your Interests & Assets

Your attorney should be your risk manager. At my firm, I help my clients make choices for their business while decreasing the chances of taking on unnecessary risks. At Francis Law Firm PLLC, I help my clients make choices for their company while reducing unnecessary risk. I will guide you on how to expand your business in the safest way possible. We both know your company has potential, and the future of your business is bright. Contact me today, and let’s work together to safeguard your business.


Handle Your Future with Confidence

Running a business is no easy task. Navigating the legal issues of business while creating marketing campaigns, handling client data, and developing products can seem overwhelming. I can help you avoid costly mistakes and missteps. We can walk you through every step of the process.

If you have a business you have intellectual property that needs to be protected. Logos, product names, trade secrets, inventions, and software that are unique to your business can all be protected by law. Your competitive advantage should stay yours. Reach out to us at Francis Law Firm PLLC to learn more about protecting your rights as a business owner. I'll set you up with a free one-hour consultation.

When an infringement of your intellectual property rights, a breach of contract, or unfair competition occurs, commercial litigation is used to deal with the issue. Having an experienced litigation attorney can be the advantage you need to win your case. Oftentimes litigation doesn’t result in a trial, the issues can often be solved through negotiation.

With decades of experience, I have the necessary knowledge to help you navigate complex legal issues. If you live in Lexington or Louisville, Kentucky, or the surrounding areas of Cincinnati, Ohio; Huntington, West Virginia; or Nashville, Tennessee, contact me to get started on growing and protecting your business.